Handyman Tips

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you will learn as you work as a handyman.  For many handyman jobs in boulder co, learning to think outside the box and use everyday items you find around the house will be your saving grace for most situations.

Playing cards

One item that you can use when working on trying to level out something are playing cards.  These cards are thin and are all the same size.  You can stack these cards on top of each other and increase the thickness.  Once it is thick enough to fit into the area preventing your items from being level you can slide them in, cut around the cards and you are done.

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Squeegee Rake

One thing that you can deal with is standing water.  Many people will try to use a broom or just wait for the water to drain away.  If you have standing water in a basement or other area, consider getting a rake and a pool noodle.  Take the pool noodle and cut it so it will fit over the small bar of the rake.  Then using some zip ties attach the noodle to the rake so it doesn’t fall off.  Now, use the rake as a squeegee pulling and pushing the water away from the flooded area.

Sneakers on your ladder

If you are working inside or in an area that could easily be scratched or damaged by placing a ladder on the wall, consider taking an old pair of tennis shoes and attaching them to the feet or edges of the ladder where they touch the wall.  The protective surface of the shoes will keep the ladder from scratching the wall and you are still getting a good connection to ensure the ladder doesn’t slip.

As a handyman there are going to be many jobs that you encounter that will need some extra out of the box thinking.  Use some of these ideas and see what else you may come up with.