Three Ways to Elevate Your Private Club for Members of an Elite Lifestyle

When someone joins a country club or private club, they are hoping for a specific amount of luxury and comfort – the kind that money can buy. Ergo, when you host elite members as an exclusive private business club, you are promising something unique, comfortable, lavish, and extraordinary.

There are dozens of ways you could elevate your private club for members of an elite lifestyle; from professional golf management services to aquatics, fitness, and chef-inspired cuisine. This article aims to inspire you in three ways you can elevate your private business club for members of an elite class.

Food and Beverages Should Be Chef-Inspired and Foodie Worthy

Elite means top-notch, and top-notch people with elite tastes expect a level of sophistication that your private club should strive to accomplish. That means four-to-five-star cuisine that would delight any palate. Plan entire menus around chef-inspired dishes, then serve them up with a flourish for your foodie members – new flavors, new scents, happy customers.

Host Events that Speak to Elegance and Sophistication

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Everyone loves to play dress-up, so host a gala. Your private club should stand for something – a belief, a mission, a motto, or a creed. Choose a foundation or charity that is near and dear to your heart, then host an event with that foundation as a highlight. Your elite club members can dance, schmooze, donate, and go home happy.

Provide Instruction on Sports and Other Fun Activities

Fitness, tennis, golf, and aquatics are among the top activities of private clubs. Some members won’t have as much finesse as others when it comes to participation, so offer instruction where possible. Make them feel comfortable by helping them accomplish a new skill.

Elitism, especially at a private club, is more about confidence and money to burn, so there are certain expectations in place. You have to rise to the occasion to create a relaxed but sophisticated environment. Hopefully, these three methods of elevation have inspired you on how.